jeudi 26 mars 2009

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Designing Drop-Down Menus: Examples and Best Practices
Creating an Ajax Login Form With jQuery |
"In this post I want to show you how to use jQuery to create an AJAX login screen. I am going to use an ASP.NET MVC application for this demonstration"
MOSS as an application platform : an introduction to Oba patterns
CodeRun Online Development Platform
Casaba Security Watcher tool for Web Security Auditing and Testing
"Major Features:
  1. passive detection of security, privacy, and PCI compliance issues in HTTP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS
  2. Works seamlessly with complex Web 2.0 applications while you drive the Web browser
  3. non-intrusive, will not raise alarms or damage production sites
  4. Real-time analysis and reporting - findings are reported as they’re found, exportable to XML
  5. configurable domains with wildcard support
  6. extensible framework for adding new checks"

[SharePoint] Créer une page AccessDenied.aspx custom
Virtual Earth Developer Resources
!exploitable Crash Analyzer 
"!exploitable (pronounced “bang exploitable”) is a Windows debugging extension (Windbg) that provides automated crash analysis and security risk assessment"
jQuery Link Repository

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