jeudi 2 avril 2009

WebDesign 01 (?!)

37 Examples of Unique Navigation
"showcases some unique navigation’s and some well thought out designs"
15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website
"This article reviews some important and necessary checks that web-sites should be checked against before the official launch — little details are often forgotten or ignored, but – if done in time – may sum up to an overall greater user experience and avoid unnecessary costs after the official site release."
Perfect 3 Column CSS Liquid Layout. No Images, Cross-browser
"No CSS hacks. SEO friendly.No JavaScript. The CSS used for this layout is 100% valid and hack free. To overcome Internet Explorer's broken box model, no horizontal padding or margins are used. Instead, this design uses percentage widths and clever relative positioning."
50 Beautiful And User-Friendly Navigation Menus
Showcase Of Well-Designed Tabbed Navigation
"talk about one specific navigation technique, tab-based navigation"
25 Useful Blogs for Web Design and Development
50 Stylish Navigation Menus for Design Inspiration
Line25 Sites of the Week for April 10th 2009
35 Awesome User Interface Design Tutorials
350+ Great CSS Tools and Techniques | Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials
"Taking a quick ride thru my Delicious, I took a look at some of my CSS tag favorites, and I'd like to share them with you. These are really resourceful articles, worth the visit. From tools to simple techniques that will help you at some point"

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